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Your product is built to last, but sometimes, life can be rough and your product may need a repair. That's why every GTL product is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. 

Just send us an email and a picture of the damaged product and we can get that situated for you; we want all our products to work as hard as you do, and keep up with the wear and tear of life.

Now don't be using your wallet as a door stop or your belt to tow your boat; there are limits as to what our products can withstand. If you feel that your product came with a defect, please reach out as well.

Covered Repairs

  • Burst Stitching
  • Broken Closures/Hardware
  • Missing Parts
  • General Wear and Tear issues

Non-Covered Repairs

  • Using a wallet as a dog toy
  • Replacing your Timing belt with your Pants belt
  • Damages from outside intended use
  • Modifications of the Product 

So be wise and remember that leather is skin, treat it as such. Its best practice to condition your leather product every few months with Smith's Leather Balm or Chamberlain's Leather Milk (No. 2). Your product is also made of a natural source, so it will change color and feel over time; this is perfectly natural (if it didn't, even I'd have some questions). Thanks for choosing GTL and take care!

Photo courtesy of Smith's Leather Balm (seriously go check them out!)