Golden Triangle Leatherworks uses premium vegetable tanned leathers from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery from Tuscany, Italy. These hides are processed in a vegetable tanning facility that ensures the highest quality of leathers are created. 

The Badalassi Tannery is reknown for their high quality vegetable tanned leathers and have been in business for over 40 years. Their leathers are famously used for luxury footwear, accessories and wallets found here at GTL. 

Each crafted item you see starts its journey as a bull's hide. The hide is then stripped of its hair and fleshings when it’s sent to the tannery to begin its process of becoming the great material that leather is. Hides are dried, stuffed with tallows and carefully mixed in tanning solutions that cure in a process that takes up to 30 days a piece. The entire grain of the cow is preserved, thus 'full-grain' leather is generally known as the highest end and best form that leather can come. We at GTL only use full grained leathers to ensure the strength and durability that such quality leather has to offer.

Finished hides of beautiful leathers are then shipped to the United States where they arrive on our table. Each leather item is meticulously designed to be functional, yet beautiful. Leather is then cut by hand, glued, fastened, and stitched together all using age old techniques known for centuries. The finished products are then proudly stamped by our logo and sent off to its new home, hopefully yours. 


Occasionally, we will use a unique hide from select tanneries like the S.B. Foot and Horween tanneries. We love to support local business and we strive to select beautiful and hardy leathers that we know you’ll love. These hides will have limited availability so products will be properly marked as a limited run. 

Quality leather and quality construction will last you a lifetime, and here at GTL, we shoot for two; your new leather heirloom will age gracefully and will hopefully continue to serve you well for decades to come. Thank you for taking the time to learn of the process of what we do, its what makes us stand out and stand above anyone else.

"Good. Great. Gold"