Howdy, my name is David, and I'm the owner of this here little shop; thanks for stopping by. While you're here I might as well tell you who I am and why I do what I do.

It all started when my father was patching a hole in his old leather armchair; I'm not talking about those cheap vinyl things, nor the luxurious ottoman seats of yesteryear. I'm talking about a classic, brown, every-man's chair. Well, he was having a hole patched on the back and there was a large cutout where the old leather had been stripped off. So for the low-low price of zero dollars I snagged that old piece of leather and wondered what to do with it. 
There's a certain appeal of old veg-tanned leather that just ages like a fine wine. For some its the color, others its the rich smell of balms and oils over the years. For me, it was the opportunity; the opportunity to make something out of a chair that my father had enjoyed for years, and the chance to make something that I can carry with me, no matter where I go. 

I first fashioned a simple keychain and a few other projects, I quickly fell in love with Leatherworking. I began experimenting with designs and templates for all sorts of projects I could make; from the long hours of designing custom pieces to monotonous days punching rivets, I have enjoyed every minute of it.
As time passed and talent grew, the craft blossomed into a passion, and that passion is transformed to what you see here, my creations. I am the sole craftsman of Golden Triangle Leatherworks, and I take great pride in the work you see here. Every product made is from ethically sourced leathers from the finest tanneries in the world. Every creation is hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished every time. I stand behind the GTL brand and the high quality of traditional leatherwork, and i hope you will too, so relax, look around, you may even like what you see.

That's all from me for now, and just reach out if you want to know more about leather, myself, or just life in general! 
Take care and Blessings,
David B.